You have found the Official Website for all things Kevin M. Kraft, author, singer-songwriter, filmmaker, cigar box guitar guru and social commentator. 


Come on in and make yourselves at home and feel free to interact and browse what is here, since Kevin makes himself all too accessible to his fans...was that plural or singular? Well, he'll find out by how many come to visit.


If you visit, please let Kevin know by contacting him and letting him know what you think of his spiffy new website. He's a bit needy that way. Check out his books and his blog. Kick your shoes off and put your feet up--as long as you've washed your feet and your socks prior to your visit.


And please remember to use coasters while sipping your complimentary beverage.


Kevin thanks you for your continued support and hopes you'll visit often.


What I appreciate most in a good book is its ability to continually draw me back, and Kevin Kraft does just that with DOBORO! I couldn't stay away while at the same time hesitated to read more because I didn't want it to end, the perfect problem to have while reading a truly good book!

Robyn Wilkins


“I read a lot of books. I’ve never read anything like [DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER]. It was excellent!”

Anjanette Morris


Prolific and talented writer Kevin M Kraft's latest novel, DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER, is action packed from start to finish. You won't want to put it down. I know his readers will beg for more Doboro novels. Well done, Kevin!

Janet Lister Caldwell


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